clandestine rebellion

Ask me anything   this blog is my getaway. my escape from the world around me. i will probably post things that make me think or just things that i enjoy. I might even rant on about the things that bother me or the things that excite me in my life.
18. socal beach loving girl.
let's get to know each other.
i am actually quite fun and friendly!
talk to me, buds.
run away.

it’s always easier to run. 
i wish i could just let go of everything, and just start over.
it’s hard to make people accept a new you. 
i thought i would stop using this blog because i thought that i wouldn’t need it anymore, but that really isn’t the case.
the truth is, i am still trying to get people to be okay with me.
i guess i still need this outlet.

i miss him. probably the only person who might read this.
i miss you.

i just want it all to be over.
as much as i know that i should be happy and thankful for where i am right now,
im not “being” anything lately, i am just dealing with things the best i can.

it’s not that my life sucks or anything,
it’s just that it seems a whole lot better with you around.
and lately, there aren’t many people i can talk to about these sorts of things,
so this will have to do for now.


— 1 year ago